Self Defensiveness

If a technique seems weak to you, do not simply accept it because it is a traditional teaching. Practitioners become so defensive of their chosen art that they blind themselves to its faults.

Assess your skills honestly and discover whether the fault is within the technique itself, or in your misinterpretation of it. If you do not understand how to properly apply it, then it is not useful, at least, not for you. There is always the temptation to settle for bad technique because it requires less effort.

Others judge you by your weaknesses. Even if you have many proven techniques and only a few questionable ones, critics are quick to point out the ineffective aspects of your system. While this is not completely fair, it is a predictable reaction. If you can hold yourself to such a standard, it will allow you to weed out any vulnerabilities you may have otherwise overlooked.

In order to avoid getting swept up in all the half-truths, you would be prudent to ground yourself with basic skills.